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Make your quilting even more fun!


Cindy Vissering – quilting with cats
ABOUT Cindy Vissering

Designer and teacher
at heart

Quilting for me is the ultimate happy moment of the day. Quilting gives me peace and quite and I can process the events of that day. While at the same time making wonderful things. I have learned so many fun techniques and there is still a lot to discover.

My mission is to inspire you to have at least as much fun as I am having quilting. I will assist you in finding new techniques, methods and patterns that work best for you to get as much fun out of your quilting as possible.


What we do

These are all the ways in which we can contribute to your quilting happiness. Other ideas how we could help? Just ask!

Techniques explained

So many fun techniques to choose and learn from. Simple and fast explanation so you can start with it immediately.


Live techniques and design workshops in small groups.

Quilt design

Learn fun techniques to design your own quilts – for example with Tessalations. Or how to customize patterns.

Quilt patterns

First patterns are almost ready for launch. We will let you know as soon as possible.



Ontwerp FPP quiltblok - tulpen-blok-header

Workshop Ontwerp een Foundation Paper Piecing Quiltblok

Met Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) kun je veel figuren met rechte lijnen geschikt maken om te naaien. Ontwerp zelf dit type quiltblok op eenvoudige wijze.

Workshop Ontwerp Tessellation quiltblok

Leer wat Tessellations zijn en hoe je die zelf kunt ontwerpen voor een quiltblok inclusief hoe in elkaar te naaien.

EPP by machine compared

There are various ways to machine EPP and I tested all that I could find and think off with this BOM of november by the DutchMQG.

Modern temperature quilts

Temperature quilts record the day by day temperature for a whole year. See the overview of possible blocks for temperaturequilts and learn how to make your own.


Looking for an awesome idea for your next project?